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  4. "Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."
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    My Least Favorite Trope (and this post will include spoilers for The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Matrix, Western Civilization, and—cod help me—Bulletproof Monk*.) is the thing where there’s an awesome, smart, wonderful, powerful female character who by all rights ought to be the Chosen One and the hero of the movie, who is tasked with taking care of some generally ineffectual male character who is, for reasons of wish fulfillment, actually the person the film focuses on. She mentors him, she teaches him, and she inevitably becomes his girlfriend… and he gets the job she wanted: he gets to be the Chosen One even though she’s obviously far more qualified. And all he has to do to get it and deserve it is Man Up and Take Responsibility.

    And that’s it. Every god-damned time. The mere fact of naming the films above and naming the trope gives away the entire plot and character arc of every single movie.

    — Elizabeth Bear - My Least Favorite Trope (via feministquotes)

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    I am an ENFP and I identify strongly with puppies in my relationships. Even if my best friend is in a foul mood, I’ll greet her happily. And if she brushes me off I’ll wait patiently and try to cheer her up. I show a lot of affection, but if I feel like you’ve left, I’ll panic and start imagining…

    OMG, this person is in my head.

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    IF YOU THINK I’M GONNA REBLOG 2495098765 POSTS OF BABY GROOT DANCING THEN you are absolutely right


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    PSA: The first chapter of The Retribution of Mara Dyer is going to be posted on USA Today’s book blog next Tuesday, 8/19. If that’s a thing you want to read.

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    The Worst Muse hits the nail on the head with YA lit.

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    Speaking of great covers. Yes. This.

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