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    I got a great question in my Reddit Iama and it’s worth sharing here, as Tumblr has been the forum for much of the conversation about John Green, the NYTimes bestseller list, and the state of YA World right now.

    Question: Hi Laurie! Loved TIKOM (and everything else) and I’m super stoked to meet…


  3. Writing a Book

    1. [Writing chapter 14]
    2. Writer: Oh my gosh, this is the best story ever! I love writing! This is all I want to do. This chapter is the best thing ever written!!
    3. [Next chapter]
    4. Writer: Oh my gosh, this is the worst story ever! I hate writing! I don't even know how to fix this chapter! This is all crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. [sobbing]
    5. #LifeofaWriter

  4. The space between drafting and revisions

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    feminist marina is the best marina

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    In which case, you fail by default.


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    The Writing Barn being advertised in Publisher’s Weekly! So exciting!

    The Writing Barn is an amazing resource for writers! Seriously, I can’t say enough about this place. Check out their amazing lineup of workshops for this year!!

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    One of the first things I did when stuff started falling into place with my writing career was talk about it with people like it was all this questionable accident.  “Yeah, I wrote a book and it’s being published,” I’d say, like it was nothing—not like it was easy, but like it was literally nothing.  It was amazing how quickly I was willing to let go of the hard work and sacrifices I’d made in hopes the thing I wanted to happen would.  When it did, I did not want anyone to be uncomfortable or, God forbid, like me less for my accomplishments.  Before I gave anyone a chance to be proud of me, to celebrate with me, I wanted them to know I was so sorry first. 

    Eventually a friend emailed me and told me I could work that angle less and when she did, I realized how truly scared I was of claiming my part in what I made happen for me.  It’s so sad so many of the accomplished, hardworking women I know struggle with owning their success. How immediately they will tear themselves out of that part of the picture because it just doesn’t look as nice with them in it.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is: that’s enough of that.  Let’s stop.

    Yes. What she said.

    My books are great. I work very hard on all of them. I want you to read them. I hope you’ll love them, and I’m proud of them regardless. YAY BOOKS! ALL BOOKS! BUT ALSO MY BOOKS!

    I think my books are pretty great. Why would I be doing all this if I didn’t? Whoo, books!

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  9. Zac Efron
    Joseph Gordon Levitt
    Rashida Jones
    Nicolas Hoult
    George Clooney
    Taylor Swift
    Josh Peck
    Ryan Seacrest
    Megan Fox and Matthew Lewis


    Give your body a minute to catch up with how cute your personality is.

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  10. "Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again."
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    I have a whole series of thoughts swirling right now that are making me angry and frustrated and they boil down to a couple of points that I need to write down or else I’ll continue stewing in them.

    If you — YOU — as an adult are made uncomfortable about a YA book and “too…

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    My feelings.

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    An average week illustrated with beverages.

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